Gaspereau Press


In February 1997, Gaspereau Press was established as a registered partnership by Andrew Steeves and Gary Dunfield. That year, Gaspereau Press launched the first issue of its literary quarterly, The Gaspereau Review, and published three trade titles. By 2000, the company’s publishing activities had expanded to eight titles annually. Gaspereau Press was relocated to Kentville, Nova Scotia, where a printing press and bindery equipment were installed, allowing the company to undertake the production of its own books and to maintain better control of both the cost and the quality of book production. That year the Press received its first grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, joined the Literary Press Group of Canada and expanded from four to six full-time employees. In 2001, Gaspereau Press discontinued publication of¬†The Gaspereau Review in order to focus its resources on book publishing and printing. By the start of 2004, Gaspereau Press had nine full-time employees and was publishing 10 titles annually. That summer the company moved its shop and offices a few paces up Church Avenue from a rental space to its own building.


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